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Here's what the great Shaun Young had to say about the new album with The Modern Sounds

"Several years ago Eddie Clendening exploded on the scene with a sound and beat that was so young, so fresh it was destined to put him in the lead of the new pack of Rock and Roll songsters. In the years that have passed Eddie has shown a special gift for recording music with the big beat that keeps him just a bit ahead of his contemporaries. Well folks I'm here to tell you that when Eddie sent an unmastered dub of this new hot platter down to Texas for my listening and dancing pleasure it was obvious that the "Blue Ribbon Boy" has pulled in the lead again! It's all here friends. Those distinctive Modern Sounds paired with interesting and varied rhythms, a natural feel and his first place voice propelling Eddie Clendening to the top of the heap once more. Congratulations Eddie! on another Blue Ribbon Performance!" Shaun Young Austin Texas

Eddie Clendening Is... Knockin' At Your Heart

Eddie Clendening Is... Knockin' At Your Heart
Brand New Album!

Eddie Clendening Is... The Rage Of The Teen-Age!

Eddie Clendening Is... The Rage Of The Teen-Age!

The Blue Ribbon Boys - Messin' Around E.P.

The Blue Ribbon Boys - Messin' Around E.P.
Available At www.Bigk.com

Rockin' From Outer Space Vol. 3

Rockin' From Outer Space Vol. 3
Space Mobile Compilation LP

Hot Rodders Delight

Hot Rodders Delight
Rhythm Bomb Records Compilation CD

Rockabilly Showdown

Rockabilly Showdown
Rockabilly Magazine Compilation CD

Million Dollar Quartet

Million Dollar Quartet
Broadway Cast Recording

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Eddie Clendening That's Alright With Me - In London

Eddie Clendening Suzie Q @ Redwood 10 10 2010

Big Sandy - Tequila Calling, Ruby Ann - I Want A Lover, Amber Foxx @ Red...

Ruby Ann - Hoy hoy hoy @ Redwood 10 10 2010

Eddie Clendening & The Blue Ribbon Boys at the Arcadia Blues Club 10/10/10

Me and Jerry Lee Lewis

I have been a very lazy poster, but alot has been happening lately. Here's a really cool picture from a great night I had at work with the Killer himself. Got to sit at the piano with him and talk, he might be a bigger Gunsmoke and Bonanza fan then me, and of course Andy Griffith. And he called me "Killer".

Eddie Clendening Is...: Jerry Lee Lewis with MDQ! 9-10-10

Eddie Clendening Is...: Jerry Lee Lewis with MDQ! 9-10-10: "Jerry Lee Lewis!"

Monday August 16th I'll be at the L.I.C. Bar in Long Island City

I've got a great new bunch of guys playing with me, a great new set of music, and we're playing at a great bar in Long Island City, Close to the 7 train, and the E train, 5-10 minutes from the city. Did I mention no cover! I've been doing 8 shows a week for so long with Million Dollar Quartet I figured the only thing to do was book some gigs on my 1 day off, so come on and help us celebrate the death, and more importantly the life of Elvis Presley 1-8-35/8-16-77!

Sirius XM Elvis Radio to feature 2 hours with me and Elvis!

I went in and with the help of the folks at Elvis Radio put together 2 hours worth of rare Elvis alternate takes, live and radio recordings, as well as some original versions of Elvis favorites. I even threw in the Fairly Holden song that Elvis sang at his High School talent show, Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me... Elvis Radio was kind enough to let me spin a couple of tunes from my new record as well, Mean Ol' Frisco and Hey Little One. (which by the way you can purchase "Eddie Clendening Is... Knockin' At Your Heart" by clicking the cover of the album at the upper part of the page) Anyway, I had a great time and I hope the Elvis fans out there dig hearing some of this rare stuff!

God I loved this band! The Imperials- Today's Teardrops @ the Horseshoe (Chicago) July 2009

Ready Teddy (Eddie, Luke, John)

Million Dollar Quartet Performs 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Million Dollar Quartet Performs 'Blue Suede Shoes'

The Million Dollar Quartet Performs 'Matchbox,' 'Hound Dog'

The Million Dollar Quartet Performs 'Matchbox,' 'Hound Dog'

Million Dollar Quartet Performs 'Down By the Riverside,' 'Daddy Sang Bass'

Million Dollar Quartet Performs 'Down By the Riverside,' 'Daddy Sang Bass'

My gripe with the TONYs this year...

I have a different gripe for the TONY's, but in conversations with people on the Facebook board I was encouraged to post it... So last year the show I am in was running in Chicago, we were invited out to entertain in between commercial breaks. We were treated extremely well, walked the red carpet, I met Liza Minelli and all that. Anyway it resulted in the show being picked up and brought to Broadway.

So along comes TONY time this year, and boy was I thrilled we were up for 3 awards. I was so proud and excited that this year with all our hard work we had earned the right to be there among the rest of Broadway, and part of the real show. I couldn't wait to walk my wife down the red carpet as my date to the TONYs, she wasn't able to be there the previous year, and this was my chance to show her a special evening for all her sacrifice following me across the country and putting her life on hold and putting up with all sorts of shit, while I followed this dream.

New dress, nails, skin, hair done and a bunch of other girl crap I don't even know about, well... Cant describe the disappointment when I found out not only could I not walk the red carpet with her, but couldn't walk it at all... nor could I even escort her to her seat. I had to arrange for her to go with some of the other wives and girlfriends who were left on their own as well, and was lucky to even get her a ticket. I guess I was mistaken when I assumed the TONYs existed to celebrate those who work on Broadway, but I guess we just exist to serve the TONYs.

I got to perform which was great, all the folks back home got to see me and my castmates on TV and for that I am thankful. But I will never forgive the TONYs for denying me the simple act of escorting my wife down the red carpet and into the front of the building and to her seat (I would've gladly retreated and done my performances after, and stayed out of sight). Instead I felt more like I was back in my days of catering, entering thru the back to do my work and otherwise stay out of sight. Going back to the beginning, we were treated better when we were just there as "help" to perform for the commercial breaks. Maybe that seems like a stupid thing to be upset about, but to hell with that, I've earned at least that level of respect, and so has every other performer on Broadway busting ass 8 shows a week.

The Hollywood debate is tricky, and the only thing I can really say about that, although I know its a naive statement, we can only hope that regardless of who is in attendance (or working in a Broadway show), awards are given based on the work itself and not the box office earning power of the person doing the work. Maybe changing that lies in finding a different approach to how/who is doing the voting? Man this is long, sorry to those who have read this far...

Denver Musician Plays Elvis on Broadway

Denver Musician Plays Elvis on Broadway: "Rockabilly singer Eddie Clendening stars in Million Dollar Quartet, which is up for three Tony Awards. Photo by Joan Marcus."

Our 2 appearances on The View...5/21and 5/24

Heres the original episode...


And heres the behind the scenes version that aired later that week


An old photo from a great photographer!

My friend Alexander Thompson just sent me this, he took it at the Viva Las Vegas weekender in 2005, I had long since forgot that it existed, check him out he does some pretty amazing stuff!

Check out our ReverbNation profile!

New album, out of print stuff, and recordings exclusive to ReverbNation!



We just finished taping the Letterman show, heres a photo. Hopefully folks tune in. I think it went well... and I got the impression Dave liked it alot. Tomorrow The View... early, too early! Hopefully Ill have some video of both appearances to post soon!

Rachel Ray Appearance Cancelled Till Fall Season

We were slotted to appear on the last taped episode of this season, but due to this that and the other we wont be able to make that appearance and have been rescheduled for sometime in August at the front of the fall season.

Got some Television appearances coming up...

Ok so as it goes MDQ has 3 spots coming up, Friday May 7th on the Rachel Ray program (not sure of the air date however), Monday May 10th on the Late Show with David Letterman, then Tuesday May 11th we are taping the View, as far as I know this episode will air May 21st, and also a special behind the scenes version of the episode will air on May 24th, that should be fun, they will be filming our rehearsal, etc... Im glad that folks back home and everywhere else for that matter will get a chance to see what I've been doing for the last 2 years, hope ya'll tune in and dig it! Oh yeah and while Im writing, scroll up the page and buy the new record!

MDQ Nominated for 3 Drama League Awards!

Congrats to the whole team, especially castmates Lance Guest and Levi Kreis

and by the way according to Variety - "Also bucking the general downward trend was "Million Dollar Quartet" ($448,146), rising a whopping 54% on the back of positive notices"

so as my friend Bob pointed out, we are now not only a critical, but also a box office smash... Great work fellas.

CD Review from the Rockabilly Duke-Box

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Hi Everybody

I was amazed on two fronts when the postman called this morning. I was waiting for my copy of little Kim & the Alley Apple 3’s new ‘Ridin’ the Rails’ CD, and when I opened the package and saw Eddie Clendening’s new CD I could not curtail my enthusiasm. A great looking gatefold CD cover design, but the best was yet to come. As I played the CD on my way to work I realised why Eddie waited this long to get another CD out. The backing band the’ Modern Sounds’ were worth waiting to record with, and to tell you the truth it’s the first time I’d heard them, but I’ll be keeping tags on them in the future they sure are an amazing band.

The choice of songs is of a very high calibre. Which ones are the original tunes? I remember hearing Eddie sing ‘Knockin’ at Your Heart’ at the Leo’s Hillbilly Hop in north London a couple of years back. It sure is a top tune (one of an album full of real great songs). I am finding it hard to pick out a stand out track, to me they all are. The afore mentioned ‘Knockin’, along with ‘My Baby’s Gone Away’ and ‘Mean Ol’ Frisco’ totally float my boat. I love the arrangement on ‘It’ll Be Me’ with excellent vocals (jumps shouts and hiccups galore) to boot!

I just listened to it again at home, must be the fourth time this evening (and it gets better with each listen). ‘Respectfully Miss Brooks’ (is that a Marty Robbins tune?) and Rusty York’s ‘Sugaree’ are great versions. I could go on but I’ll just be repeating myself. This CD has an amazing 17 tracks of top rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly (play ‘My Baby’s Gone Away’ and ‘It’ll Be Me’ with the volume turned up full) and well worth pounds, dollars or euros you spend on it.

‘Eddie Clendening is…Knockin’ at Your Heart’, is one of those recordings that makes me believe our music is in very safe hands, and now and in years to come, it will be an album not too far from my music player.

A million dollar, excuse the pun (Eddie plays Elvis in ‘The Million Dollar Quartet’ show in New York) collection of songs from an excellent rock and roll singer supported by an amazingly on the ball (the Modern Sounds) rock and roll band.


Some cool Youtube clips to check out!

Brand new Blogspot up and running!

I've been having some issues selling the new CD on Facebook and Myspace, and so I've created this new Blog to help make it a little easier and also to keep folks updated about whats happening with Me, the band, as well as the Broadway production of The Million Dollar Quartet show that I'm working on out here in New York City!